Signs of Needed Air Conditioning Service in Garland Every Homeowner Overlooks!

August 22, 2020

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An AC unit doesn’t need to shut down altogether for it to require air conditioning service in Garland. Very often an AC unit will “act up” or otherwise malfunction in a variety of ways, or otherwise send signals that it needs repairs, even while it seems to be cooling the house as expected.

Unfortunately homeowners often overlook many of those signs of needed air conditioning service in Garland simply because the AC is working fine, or they don’t associate certain issues with needed HVAC fixes. However, scheduling AC repair in Garland at the first sign of damage ensures it continues to work when needed, while saving money on your utilities and an otherwise unnecessary AC replacement. To keep your home’s AC in good condition, note some of those often overlooked signs of needed AC repairs.

 Schedule Air Conditioning Service in Garland for Uneven Cooling

A central AC unit in good repair should provide even cooling throughout your entire home. In some cases, a particular room of the home might lack adequate insulation or suffer leaks around windows and other areas so that cool air escapes, and the room then feels hot and stuffy even as the AC cycles on.

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However, if you notice that spaces far from the home’s central unit tend to stay warm and stuffy, and these rooms are properly insulated and sealed, this often indicates an issue with the home’s air conditioner. The AC unit might need cleaning or other such maintenance, or the motor or blower might be failing.

Along with uneven cooling, you might notice that the air conditioner doesn’t seem to provide enough cooling in any room of the home! Damaged wiring might not bring enough power to the unit for it to function as it should, or the home’s thermostat or thermostat wiring might be failing so the AC isn’t signaled to stay on as long as needed to reach a set temperature. Whatever the cause, call for air conditioning service in Garland if you notice any such uneven cooling throughout your home.

Cold But Clammy Spaces Need AC Repair in Garland, TX

A home’s air conditioner removes not just heat but also humidity from a space. If your home’s interior spaces seem cool but clammy and damp, or if you notice the space seems overly humid during summertime, this often signals it’s time for air conditioning repair in Garland!

In some cases, the air conditioner is simply too large and powerful for your home; an oversized unit might blow cold air through the ductwork and vents too quickly, so that the temperature lowers that quickly. This might sound like a good feature in an AC but, if the unit then cycles off too soon, you’re left with excess humidity and that bothersome clammy feeling.

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Other air conditioners might be overheating every time they switch on so that internal mechanisms designed to protect them from heat damage switch the unit off too quickly, before it can remove humidity from the space. This can result in the unit switching on more often than it should, once it cools down, adding to its everyday wear and tear. To ensure the unit is protected from excessive cycling and keep your home comfortable, schedule air conditioning service in Garland if you notice an uncomfortably humid or clammy interior environment.

Your Home Needs AC Repair in Garland for Odd Smells and Sounds!

Never assume that an older air conditioner, or any AC unit, is supposed to emit odd and unpleasant sounds and smells! An air conditioner will typically make a slight humming noise as it operates and cold air produces a “whooshing” noise as it moves through a home’s ductwork, but these sounds should be very faint.

If your home’s air conditioner begins producing a banging or thumping sound, this might indicate something stuck in the compressor unit, including a foreign object or broken part. Squealing typically indicates worn bearings and these should be replaced as soon as possible. Grinding sounds also typically indicate a worn or broken part, or a blower struggling to operate.

A home’s air conditioner should not be producing any odd smells either! Burning smells might indicate a broken part or other object in the way of something moving in the compressor housing, or burnt-out wiring and other features. Moldy or a mildew smell often indicate a water leak and resultant mold or mildew around the unit. Schedule air conditioning service in Garland if you notice any such odd or unpleasant sounds and smells coming from your home’s air conditioner.

Schedule AC Service in Garland for Sudden Spikes in Utility Costs

When an air conditioner struggles to work, it tends to draw more power, forcing its parts to operate. An AC unit cycling on more often than it should will also use more electricity. In turn, you might notice a sudden spike in your utility bills. If you cannot explain away that added cost, such as with an increase in rates from your power company or an especially hot summer season, then it’s time for air conditioning service in Garland!

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In some cases, an air conditioner might only need a thorough cleaning and perhaps new belts, oiled bearings, and other such minor maintenance work to run efficiently again. In other cases, the motor or blower might be failing, or the compressor housing unit is clogged with debris. Damaged wiring can also mean the unit is drawing too much power, resulting in higher utility costs.

While needed air conditioning service in Garland can get those power bills back to their normal level, note that regular cleaning and maintenance also keep an HVAC system functioning as efficiently as possible. Clean parts, free of dust and debris, move more easily so they require less power to operate; while properly oiled bearings also ensure everything inside a compressor housing moves as it should. To keep your air conditioner in good repair and keep your cooling costs as low as possible throughout summer months, schedule regular AC maintenance for your home.


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