Do I Need Annual HVAC Maintenance in Texas?

December 22, 2023

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do i need annual HVAC maintenance

Texas is known for having extremely hot summers. With temperatures frequently over 100°F, having a well-functioning cooling system is essential. But in addition to keeping your home cool in summer, your HVAC system also keeps you warm in winter and circulates air year-round.

So, do I need annual HVAC maintenance? Most HVAC systems require annual maintenance to maximize performance, efficiency, and longevity; however, newer systems less than 10 years old may only need professional servicing every 2-3 years if operating properly.

Proper air conditioning maintenance helps ensure your system runs efficiently, provides comfort, and lasts as long as possible before needing replacement. But how often should you get your HVAC system maintained? Is annual maintenance necessary or overkill?

When Homeowners Can Change Their Own Air Filter

One of the easiest HVAC maintenance tasks that homeowners can handle themselves is changing the air filter. The air filter removes dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particles as air circulates through your home. Over time, it gets clogged up and needs replacing.

As a general guideline, you should change your air filter every 1-3 months. If you have pets or live in a dusty area, aim for every 1-2 months. Check the filter monthly by holding it up to a bright light. If you can’t easily see light passing through, it’s time to swap in a new one.

Replacing an air filter takes just a few minutes and requires no technical skill. Turn off your HVAC system, pop out the old filter, put in a replacement, and turn your system back on. This simple maintenance task allows your system to work more efficiently in between annual checkups.

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Do I Need Annual HVAC Maintenance? It's Only Necessary for Older Systems

If you have an older AC system that is over 10 years old, continuing with annual maintenance makes sense. Parts wear out over time from constant summer use. An HVAC technician can spot minor issues before they become major, expensive breakdowns.

But if your AC unit is newer, less than 10 years old, you likely don’t need annual tune-ups. Every 2-3 years is sufficient for a checkup if the system is operating properly and not showing any signs of issues. The exception would be if you notice odd performance, new sounds coming from the unit, or other changes indicating a problem. Then, getting it inspected right away is wise.

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What Does an HVAC Tune-Up Include?

An HVAC maintenance appointment, whether annual or every few years, includes a variety of checks and services to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Some of the tasks technicians complete include:

  • Checking refrigerant levels - Refrigerant is the substance that allows heat transfer to cool your home. Technicians make sure you have adequate refrigerant.
  • Testing electric components - They examine things like capacitors, contactors, and fuses for proper functioning.
  • Cleaning the coils - Coils can accumulate dirt and debris over time, getting clogged. Technicians thoroughly clean the coils inside and out.
  • Checking airflow - They confirm all vents and ductwork allow proper airflow without leaks or obstructions.
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components - To distribute heated or cooled air efficiently.
  • Checking for gas leaks - For gas furnace systems.
  • Changing the air filter - They replace your filter with a new one.
  • Testing system performance - They run the system through heating and cooling cycles to verify correct operation.
  • Tightening connections - Vibration can cause fasteners and connections to loosen over the years. They tighten these up.
  • Lubricating moving parts - To prevent premature wear.

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Benefits of Professional HVAC Maintenance

While DIY maintenance like changing air filters is good, having a trained HVAC technician perform periodic tune-ups offers advantages such as:

  • Extending the life of your whole system - Proactively finding and fixing minor issues prevents bigger, costlier repairs later on.
  • Enhancing air quality - Catching clogged components like coils early improves airflow and filtration.
  • Providing peace of mind - Technicians spot and resolve problems you wouldn’t know to look for.
  • Maintaining the warranty - Some manufacturer warranties require annual professional service.

Even if your HVAC system is new, following the recommended maintenance intervals in your owner’s manual is wise. Well-maintained systems can last over 15 years, while neglected ones often need full replacement under 10 years. Protect your substantial AC investment with proper periodic care.

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